Nepal Lube Oil limited, a licensee of Gulf Oil International, which manufactures and distributes Gulf Lubricants in Nepal, recently organized its 27th AGM  at the capital. The AGM was held in the presence of Company  Chairman/MD, Mr. Arun Kumar Chaudhary, the Board Of Directors, Company Secretary and shareholders.

On the occasion, the chairman/MD of the company, Arun Kumar Chaudhary expressed, “ The lubricant business in Nepal is highly competitive, but Gulf Lubricants with its dedicated team and innovative strategy backed by world-class product has managed to achieved the volume of 2600 + kilo litres sales in this financial year.” He further added,” This has further consolidated our position as No. 1 Lubricant Brand In the country”.

The company made a major announcement of distributing 40% dividend to its shareholders- Rs.30 (Proposed Cash Dividend per share) and Rs. 10 (Proposed bonus per share).