Volkswagen Pune Plant has achieved a historic milestone as the one-millionth car rolled out of its assembly line. The made-for-India Volkswagen Carbon Steel Ameo was rolled out to celebrate this occasion. The manufacturing facility in Pune became operational on 31st March 2009 with the production of the first car, the Skoda Fabia. The plant which was initially set up for catering to the Indian market had also started exporting cars to various other markets beginning with South Africa in 2012. Today, more than 400,000 cars manufactured from the Volkswagen Pune Plant have reached more than 50 different countries across four continents of the world including Asia, Africa, North America, and South America. The Volkswagen Group is further strengthening its commitment and hold in the market through its regional project India 2.0. The focus of this project is to develop more cars that are relevant to the requirements of the Indian market on a platform that has been localized. The Volkswagen Group is investing 1 billion Euros (INR 8,000 crore) in this project and has already set up a Technology Centre at the Pune plant to start local development.