Pooja International Nepal Pvt. Ltd., the authorized importer of Volkswagen brand in Nepal organized a press conference today to mark the celebration of its 10th Anniversary in Nepal. In the spirit of this joyous occasion, Pooja International Nepal Pvt. Ltd revealed its “10 special offers” to its prospective buyers.

Replying to question on the biggest challenge in last 10 years of operation in Nepal during the press conference, Mr. Bibek Bijukchhe, CEO of Pooja International Nepal Pvt. Ltd. highlighted that “It was changing the perception of the customer with a preset mindset of high maintenance cost involved with owning a European brand like Volkswagen. In reality, the maintenance cost was in fact very low. Getting the trained manpower from the market to service VW cars was another challenge as the local technicians in Nepal were only exposed to Japanese, Korean and Indian Cars. However, after intensive training programs, this issue to has been fixed. So, as of now Volkswagen after sales service is regarded as best in the industry”.  Similarly, he also stressed on the fact that Volkswagen cars have high durability, longevity, low cost of maintenance and high resale value as compared to other brands in the market.