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MG Hector will be the first MG SUV heading into India. The Hector will be powered by a Multijet II oil burner sourced from Fiat that also does duty on the Jeep Compass. Apart from the diesel, the Hector will also be powered by 1.5-liter petrol. Now the company has officially launched the Hector SUV in India with a competitive price tag. The MG Hector will come in a whopping 11 variants in India and will start at INR 12.18 lakhs. Here are the list of variants and their prices:

VariantINR Prices (ex-showroom, India)
1.5 Petrol Style MTRs 12.18 lakh
1.5 Petrol Super MTRs 12.98 lakh
1.5 Petrol-Hybrid Super MTRs 13.58 lakh
1.5 Petrol-Hybrid Smart MTRs 14.68 lakh
1.5 Petrol Smart ATRs 15.28 lakh
1.5 Petrol-Hybrid Sharp MTRs 15.88 lakh
1.5 Petrol Sharp ATRs 16.78 lakh
2.0 Diesel Style MTRs 13.18 lakh
2.0 Diesel Super MTRs 14.18 lakh
2.0 Diesel Smart MTRs 15.48 lakh
2.0 Diesel Sharp MTRs 16.88 lakh

Now that you have gone through all variants and their pricing, here is how the MG Hector stacks up against its rivals.

*Please Note That The Prices Given Below Are The Prices In India*

Make/VariantMG HectorHyundai Creta 1.6Tata HarrierMahindra XUV500Jeep Compass
Petrol-MTRs 12.18-15.88 lakhRs 10.00-14.16 lakhRs 15.60-15.99 lakh
Petrol-ATRs 15.28-16.78 lakhRs 13.75 lakhRs 16.09 lakhRs 19.00-21.67 lakh
Diesel-MTRs 13.18-16.88 lakhRs 13.60-15.65 lakhRs 13.00-16.56 lakhRs 12.31-18.51 lakhRs 16.61-23.11 lakh
Diesel-ATRs 13.36-15.20 lakhRs 15.38-18.61 lakhRs 26.80 lakh

Please note that the Hyundai Creta 1.4 diesel manual that is priced at INR 10 to 11.91 lakhs but it is not included in the table. Apart from these, the MG Hector will also go head to head with the upcoming Kia Seltos.

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