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Long before the Hyundai Creta set the Compact SUV space on fire it was its big brother, the Hyundai Tucson doing exactly the same in the mid-sized SUV segment.  While the love for mid to large sized SUVs hasn’t necessarily died down, the market, however, seems to be gravitating more towards smaller SUVs or the full-fledged larger SUVs every day.

In this scenario, does the new Hyundai Tucson deliver enough to attract some much-needed attention to the segment? We are here to find out.


The front is unmistakably Hyundai, the first thing you notice on the Tucson, or on any other Hyundai for that matter is that signature cascading grille.

The grille comes embellished with strips of chrome and the Hyundai logo smack dab in the middle. The large, elongated and swept back headlamps that house the daytime running lights look sleek, the fog lamps are housed next to the grille making it look smart.

The side profile of the Tucson adds a sporty dimension to the car, thanks to the window line that rises up, and to the roofline arc which in turn makes for a unique C-pillar. This design sits on a gorgeous set of fresh new alloys which enhances the sporty look of the vehicle.

You get a redesigned rear, which is now less aggressive but sleeker. The new set of tail lights are beautiful, and the black on black spoiler and shark fin treatment draws a lot of eyes in the best of ways.


The interior of the Tucson is better than the already beautiful exterior. Fresh is the word we are looking for because almost everything in this new Tucson is brand spanking new. Let’s start with the central console; you get a floating tablet design where a 7-inch touchscreen is housed. The infotainment is smooth and intelligent and using it is easy thanks to hand buttons on either side.

You get new, larger, AC vents and the controls for the air con on the console are new and more premium as well. You get new leather seats that can be adjusted, heated and ventilated electrically which not only feel luxurious but also provide a commanding driving position thanks to the wide adjustment and better visibility on all directions.

Legroom and headroom in the second row of seats are ample and the feeling of claustrophobia is kicked out the door when you open up that wide panoramic sunroof.


Driving the Hyundai Tucson is a 2-litre petrol motor mated to a 5-speed automatic transmission, which churns out 165 bhp and 197 Nm of torque. While the numbers may not seem a lot, the delivery is smooth. The acceleration is linear and responsive; the steering is light, too light if we are nitpicking.

You get three driving modes, while Eco and City mode is suited to more fuel efficiency, Sport is geared to more performance and the one we recommend you drive in at all times. The drive inside the city is like a gentle wind while the drive on highways will have you wanting more feedback from the steering wheel even when in sports mode.

On the safety front, the Tucson comes well equipped, you get ABS as standard.  There is also VSM, whether you’re on wet or slippery roads, Vehicle stability management (VSM) helps you drive with extra confidence, ensuring stability through co-operative control between Electronic stability control (ESC) and Motor-driven power steering (MDPS). You also get Downhill Brake Control and Hill-start Assist Control. The body itself is Advanced High Strength Steel ensuring the best-in-class skeletal rigidity of the body. And as an icing on the cake, you get six airbags.


The Hyundai Tucson is one of those cars where the flaws are close to being non-existent.

The car looks beautiful, and staying inside is a complete treat thanks to the use of plush materials and a bucket of creature comforts. Driving it around the city is an absolute pleasure, and the highways are full of comfort minus the feedback of the steering wheel.

Safety is uncompromised and you and your family will be the safest bunch on the road. All this put together in a beautiful package makes the Hyundai Tucson ooze a pull that should be enough to breathe new life to the segment.

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