We have a vision- to create the greatest, most innovative, authentic, informative, and inspiring automotive magazine in Nepal. No small feat, but one made easier by an extraordinary team of like minded and passionate game changers.  Having been in the business for the past seven years, it’s not an undertaking that we took up on a whim. It’s a deep engrained passion that spurs us forward in achieving this vision. There is nothing else in this world we’d rather be doing.

This is our attempt to build the perfect automotive community and become the voice for the Nepalese motoring landscape by encompassing as much of the automotive sector as possible. Regardless of whether you find the joys of life on two wheels or four, or you make a living through what you drive; it is the unrelenting love for automobiles and everything related to it that binds us together.

Our goal is to create and become part of Nepal’s biggest and most comprehensive automobile community. Within these pages are our heart and soul, what we love, what we live. This is what drives us.