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There are some vehicles that are meant to be luxurious, fun to drive, and good to look at. The Mahindra Maxximo series is not one of them. The Maxximo HD series is built to get things done. It is an absolute workhorse that has been tried and tested in the commercial sector.

Sitting behind the all-new Mahindra Maxximo HD Series, we had the chance to experience the popular vehicle ourselves.


The Maxximo HD is not in it to win any beauty contests, but it isn’t too shabby either. It has a no-nonsense design with the key attraction being Mahindra’s signature front grille with wrap-around headlamps. The front nose design juts out 220mm for increased safety for the occupants.

The Maxximo HD is a single cabin unit so there isn’t much to talk about here, but the cargo box is the most important feature here. Measuring in at 2280mm long and 1540mm wide the cargo box is more than adept to carry the loads that are required to be transported. This is all built around a strong chassis that is backed up by the tough and rugged Mahindra DNA.


The cabin can seat three people in moderate comfort in the bench seats that the Maxximo HD is equipped with. Well, three skinny people if we are completely honest. Despite the adjustable bench seat and headrests, it does get slightly cramped inside the cabin and you are going to be scraping the middle passenger’s leg every time you change gear. But with two people on board, it is plenty spacious with headroom to spare.

You do get a pretty sizeable glovebox for and spaces on the dash. And yes, you guessed it, the Maxximo HD is not equipped with climate control. What you do get are two wind-down windows on either side and a sliding window in the back to aid the air circulation.

The carlike wipers with adjustable speed give you a clear vision of the road, and the cluster clock in the car enables you to complete your work on time. It is also equipped with a mobile charging point.


Under the bonnet of the Maxximo HD is a Direct injection diesel engine that churns out 26 BHP. More importantly, the engine expands 55 Nm of torque. This means that you will be allowed to move heavy loads even on considerable inclines, but you will not be able to do it very fast. The top speed is claimed to be 70kmph, but you will not be pushing the limits on the Maxximo HD (at least you shouldn’t be). You do get a fuel smart option of eco-driving mode that gives you a better economy and power driving mode that gives you more power.

On the large cargo box, you can load up to 850kgs, and the 8 leaf spring suspension system in the front and the 7 leaf spring suspension in the rear will perform their duties even in horrible of roads. The ground clearance comes in at 155mm which is comparable to its competitors. The new X split brakes with LSPV gives you decent control with its stopping capabilities.


The Mahindra Maxximo HD is one of the hardest working vehicles on the roads of Nepal. It has been known for its no quit attitude and its ability to work tirelessly. For in-city transport, this has proved to be an efficient vehicle. Adding to it a number of comfort and utility features just adds on to the appeal. You also get a warranty of either 2 years or 75000kms (whichever comes first).

They have deemed this the maximum truck, so it does set out to achieve efficiency. And with a claimed mileage of 23kms per liter, it is something worth looking into for businesses in the industry.

AD Space Available