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Work within the conventional norms and you can play things safe. You negate the risks and you don’t always have to go the extra mile for what you are doing. But playing things safe breeds monotony. When it works, no one really notices and it ends up being nothing but mediocre. But when it doesn’t work, everyone I quick to point fingers. To avoid this monotony and mediocrity, we take chances, we take risks, and that’s when we enter the game and change its dynamics. Moreover, when was the last time you saw greatness come from sticking to conventions?

TVS stepped out of the conventional norms when TVS showcased the Graphite scooter concept at the 2014 Indian Auto Expo. Although it essentially did not create much of a stir the idea never died out.

Fast forward to 2018 and we have with us the TVS Ntorq 125 – the derivative of the Graphite concept. In an already crowded scooter segment, the TVS Ntorq 125 is the new kid with its exciting design and smart features. TVS says the Ntorq 125 has been designed for the youth and comes loaded with 30 segment features. So, can the Ntorq 125 break the monotony and make a distinctive statement? Read on to find out.


The Ntorq exhibits a sharp, aggressive style with well-placed sharp cuts throughout the body. It looks stylish yet functional without any overdone gimmicks. It really does tick a lot of boxes with its razor-sharp styling. The front fender gets an angular headlamp cluster with batwing shaped DRLs. Blinkers are integrated into the handlebars so that it is visible in the direction of travel.

The sculpted styling is carried on towards the sides with appealing decals and textured floorboard. The rear apron comes with a T-shaped LED rear lamp housed between faux air vents. The scooter looks quite sleek from the rear with its stubby muffler and split grab rails. The scooter is available in 4 trendy colors – Matte Yellow, Matte Green, Matte Red, and Matte White.


TVS has especially been raving about the SmartXonnect, a Bluetooth enabled technology that allows riders to pair their phones with the scooter through the Ntorq mobile app, only available on Android so far.

The fully-digital instrumentation console with the smart connected technology boasts a total of 55 features including navigation assist, top speed recorder, in-built lap-timer, phone-battery strength display, last parked location assist, service reminder, trip meter and multi-ride statistic modes such as Street and Sport. Unfortunately, the app’s built-in navigation system won’t work here.  The personalization feature of the console also lets you customize your name, and set automatic reply alerts to incoming messages and calls. Certainly targeted towards the GenZ- as TVS likes to say.

Another interesting addition is the engine kill switch, which is a segment first feature as well. There’s also a pass by switch and a generous 22 litres storage compartment with an integrated USB charger.  To further facilitate the convenience of use, the Ntorq also comes with an external fuel fill feature. Our only complaint is the 5-litre fuel tank. Besides, you also don’t get a very spacious floor.


TVS says the Ntorq 125 is based on the TVS Racing pedigree. To keep ahead of the traffic, the Ntorq’s 124.79 cc 3V engine churns out 9.1 BHP of power at 7500 RPM. The engine is a torquey affair with peak torque of 10.5 Nm delivered at 5500 RPM. Acceleration feels quite lively with the rev-happy engine.

Once the mid-range sets in, the engine becomes quite enjoyable, though, this surge droops away after crossing the 60 kmph mark. However, you can cruise effortlessly to 80 kmph. Beyond that, you won’t get enough juice to accelerate it further; although, on straight roads, you can expect a maximum speed of 95 kmph.

The motor is extremely refined, with almost zero vibrations at any speed. The power is adequate enough to keep up with urban traffic as well as occasional highway runs.  TVS claims a quickest-in-class zero to 60 kmph time of 9 seconds.


The most impressive part of the Ntorq has to be the suspension setup. It is an impressively supple unit. The front gets a telescopic unit and the rear gets a gas-filled spring shock absorber. The firm suspension setup paired with the ground clearance of 155 mm will inspire you to negotiate any kind of roads with ease.

At 116.1 kgs, the scooter sits on a rectangular tube type under bone chassis. It is 1865mm long, 710mm wide and 1160mm high and has a longish wheelbase of 1285mm.

In terms of braking, the front unit lacks a sense of urgency, however, use both brakes in unison, and the scooter comes to a complete halt. Also helping the purpose of comfort and safety are the widest in the segment TVS-made Remora tyres – 100x80x12 at the front, and 110x80x12 at the back.


The Ntorq 125 is an interesting addition to the niche 125cc scooter segment. As an offering targeted towards the youngsters, this sporty scooter ticks all the right boxes in terms of style, comfort, performance and convenience. On top of that, TVS has also managed to price the new Ntorq 125 quite aggressively.

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