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Ever since we started Nepal Drives, we have driven almost all the new two and four wheelers present in the Nepali market. And to give you something interesting to read on a gloomy and a rather boring Sunday, we have compiled a list of some of the most powerful two and four wheelers we have driven till today. While we are sad that this list doesn’t include the likes of sports bikes and supercars, it is some of the most powerful vehicles when factoring in the speed and power present in our country. So without any holdup, lets jump straight into it.


Harley Davidson Sportster Iron 883: This American Badass is a superbly handsome motorcycle that is a certified head-turner in the streets of Nepal. The bobbed fenders, side-mount license plate, comfortable tuck-and-roll solo seat, machined highlights, and seemingly massive engine all do their jobs to instill pride of ownership. For more information, read our review of the Iron883.

Ford Ranger Raptor: Another American machine on our list, the Ford Ranger Raptor is thoroughly bred for brutality. It is a performance pickup truck that is built to go really fast and hard on offroad trails and that is exactly what it will do. It lives up to the promise it makes and for any offroad fanatic, it provides the ultimate experience. Read our review of the Raptor.

Husqvarna FE501: This husky comes with limitless power on the other side of the throttle twist. Direct it to where you won’t go and it won’t think twice about getting you there. It simply blows you away. Every time you conquer a route you’re left wondering what you could throw at it to even waver its confidence. Read our review of the husky.

Mercedes-Benz GLE350d Coupé: An excellent machine from the German stables that lets you go fast while enjoying the comforts that mimic a luxury hotel. The power delivery is strong and fast for such a heavy car, and it feels light and nimble on the road thanks to all the driving tech it comes with. See what we think of the Coupé.

Jaguar F-Pace: The first SUV from the British company and definitely the fastest SUVs we have driven. The F-Pace is the British carmaker’s wild card that is set out to change this by taking the fight to the Germans. However, in the Nepalese market, the Jaguar is the king of the jungle. Read about our experiences inside the belly of this beast.

Ford Mustang GT: The Mother Of All Reviews…  Quite frankly driving the Ford Mustang GT was an absolute dream come true for the entire team of Nepal Drives. the Ford Mustang GT blew our minds, as it rightly should. To have this iconic automobile in Nepal was exciting, to be able to test drive it was surreal. It lived up to every bit of the expectation and hype. Whether it is in terms of its presence or the experience of driving it, the Ford Mustang GT knocks it out of the park. Read on to find out more about the ‘Stang.

To be continued…..

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